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3 Books I Read Last Month

November began the Holiday season. Well, technically the Holiday season started with Halloween, but close enough. What better way to kick off the time of big meals and stretchy pants than to read? After gorging until you need maternity pants for your food baby what else are you going to do? Sure, you can watch TV, I do that too, but that's only if you can roll your way to the couch and then have the energy to look for the remote that seems always to have legs when no one is looking. But, if you are a book lover, there's usually a paperback within reach. More within reach than the remote anyway.

Here are the 3 books I finished in November:

Book Lovers is a romantic comedy with all the romantic comedy tropes. Nora Stephens is a lifelong New Yorker and a cut-throat literary agent who sees herself as the villainess rather than the heroine who gets the guy. Charlie Lastra is a brooding book editor who has to return to his small hometown from New York to help his family. Nora and Charlie get off on the wrong foot from the start. Two years later, and because Nora would do anything for her sister Libby, Nora and Charlie cross paths in Charlie's hometown. What ensues is filled with sarcasm and humor. It's a fun easy read for anyone who wants something a little more light-hearted.

The Wolf Den is a drama set in the ancient streets of Pompeii before Mt. Visuvious had an opinion and blew its top. The story follows a group of slave women who work as prostitutes in the local brothel. It addresses the ups and downs of what these women do to survive. Amara seeks freedom from the brothel but has to be clever about it. Her master is not the kind of man to cross. Rather than running away and risking getting caught she bides her time and maneuvers the social scene of Pompeii as best as a lowly whore can. It's an excellent read. It shows the harsh life slaves had, and it shows what descent people had to do in order to survive. For anyone who likes historical fiction with a harsh human face.

Diary of a Murderer is a collection of short stories written by Young-Ha Kim. The first story follows a serial killer with dementia. He struggles to remember his name, but still remembers every detail of his kill. It's written as journal entries so we get an up close and personal look at how the killer's mind deteriorates. To make matters more interesting, murders start up in his neighborhood again, and his daughter starts seeing a man that he instantly recognizes as a killer like him. Now to save his daughter, he has to kill the killer before he forgets everything. Other stories include a lost child and the impact on his parents' lives, a love affair between childhood friends with a twist, and a twisted erotic tale of a writer on a cerebral roller coaster. It's fun and twisted in a good way.

Three fun read on different parts of the spectrum. Something fun for everyone while they digest for the next two to three months.

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