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Four Graphic Novels You Should Read After Watching John Wick 4

Do you like John Wick? Do you appreciate the stylized nonstop action? John Wick 4 is currently killing it with over $350 million at the box office. Keanu Reeves has proven himself many times over that he's one of the greatest action stars of the time.

The fourth film continues John's journey with stylized fight scenes, and death by large numbers. It has moments where it's like watching a third-person shooter game, and moments where you feel like you're in the action and just got shot in the face. It's a fun ride.

In honor of John Wick's success, here are four graphic novels that you should read if you're a fan.


BRZRKR is Keanu Reeves's writing debut along with co-writer Matt Kindt and artist Ron Garney. It tells the story of an immortal man, only known as B. B was born as a weapon 80,000 years ago and is compelled to kill. His only desire is to be mortal, and his only chance to get it is through the U.S. government. In exchange, he goes on missions that only his brand of violence can handle. If you love watching John Wick, this is the perfect graphic novel to follow up with. Its action is on par with everything Mr. Reeves does. The artwork is amazing and the story keeps you reading and wanting the next 11 volumes in the series.

Good Boy

Good Boy, written by Garret Gunn and Christina Blanch is John Wick if the dog were the assassin out for revenge. It tells the story of Flint Sparks a German shepherd who settled into a quiet retirement with his human companion Jon, only to have Jon brutally murdered. Now Flint is out for blood. He goes on a rampage of revenge. He's a good boy and the bad guys killed the wrong human.

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Written by Judd Winick Batman: Under the Red Hood, is an action-packed story filled with violence and revenge. Jason Todd, Robin number two, is brutally murdered by The Joker but is then resurrected. Years later, he has taken the persona of The Red Hood and returned to Gotham. He dishes out the kind of violent justice that his mentor Batman has tried to discourage. Batman has to stop him, but The Red Hood is not having it. The Red Hood is taking on Gotham's criminal world, and he's winning. His new philosophy: you can't stop crime, but you can control it.

X Omnibus Vol. 1.

Crime rules the city of Arcadia. Even the police are criminals. But soon the criminals are haunted by what the papers call "The X-Killer." He is a judge, jury, and executioner to anyone who crosses the line. "Cross the line once, you'll receive a warning. Cross it twice, and X will mark the spot....where they'll find your body." By Dark Horse Comics, X is a fast-paced joy ride filled with quick action and a no-mercy brand of vigilantism. It's perfect for anyone who roots for the killers.

After watching John Wick, if you don't want the action to end pick up any of these graphic novels and enjoy.

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