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After Life - A Review

After Life, a Netflix Original is the story of Tony. Tony had a good life. He had a good job and a great marriage. But, Tony lost his wife to cancer and is struggling to work his way through life without her. He went from a nice guy to a cantankerous cynical ass. His argument for this is along the lines of, everyone else can be a-holes and get away with it, so why can't he too. Life is too short to be a nice guy all the time.

Created, written by, and starring the always entertaining Ricky Gervais. As Tony, Mr. Gervais provides his trademark snark and wit while pulling off the emotional struggle Tony is facing every day he spends without his wife. He makes Tony unlikeable, and likable at the same time. You can see the inner power struggle of Tony. A part of him wants to be a rude, selfish, uncaring dick, but the other part hasn't entirely given up and is still fighting to hang on. At one moment you're saying "What a dick." and the very next you're going "Aww...Tony....buddy...Hug?"

A lot of characters make their way into Tony's life. His job at a local newspaper sends him on assignment to interview many people. All of them with their own baggage. Tony can see similarities to himself in some, and just looks baffled at the stupidity of others as he walks away.

The writing is filled with Gervais style sarcasm along with a lot of heart. The characters are all different and entertaining in their own ways with their own baggage.

Overall After Life is a great story that will make you laugh and cry, sometimes in the same scene.

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