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Cargo - Hidden Gem of Netflix

Hidden amongst the millions of titles on Netflix is a zombie apocalypse story called Cargo. Written by Yolanda Ramke, directed by Yolanda Ramke and Ben Howling, and starring Martin Freeman and Simone Landers.

It is the story of a father who only has 48 hours, give or take, before he turns into a member of the undead after being bitten by his already doomed partner. This means he needs to find a safe place for his baby daughter, Rosie before he turns.

The story follows Andy through the Australian wilderness encountering zombies and people, both to be wary of for different reasons. Through an unfortunate encounter with a man who thinks stealing and possessing things, including another man's wife is ok, Andy becomes attached, literally by a chain, to Thoomi. She is a clever girl with better survival skills than the majority of adults. She knows what Andy's end will be, but she helps him anyway with protecting Rosie and finding a safe place before Andy is gone.

Simone Landers plays Thoomi and she is amazing. She shows innocence and wisdom all at the same time. Martin Freeman plays Andy, and, as always, is fantastic. I've never seen him play a role he wasn't good at. He's just one of those actors. He can go from smiley, to sad, to yelling angry curses, and back again with ease.

This is truly a hidden gem of a movie. Buried under all the other Netflix Originals it seems to get lost in the pile. But when found, it shows its awesomeness in full glory. It has more heart than most zombie films and has much more to it than random gore and scary monsters. If I had a rating system, I'd give it five out of five Dragonflies.

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