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Don't Touch My Crayons

Welcome to the Asylum. Here we treat all of our guests equally. It doesn't matter if you're a prince or a pauper. At the Asylum everyone shares. At the Asylum, everyone lines up for meds in the same line and is force-fed the same way if said meds are neglected by guests. I am patient #42. I will be your guide as you navigate your new home. That's how you should see the Asylum. As your home. Because, once you are checked in, you will never leave. Just ask Patient Zero. He's been here since the beginning of the Asylum. He doesn't even remember his own name or who he used to be before the Asylum. Part of that is a side effect of his meds, but mostly it's because he's been here for so long. Either way, the Asylum is his home, and now it's yours too. Welcome. The line for meds is always on the right, straight jackets can be acquired down the hall on the left, and as long as you don't touch my crayons, we won't have a problem.

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