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Harry Dresden- My Spirit Animal: A Character Thought

Harry Dresden is my spirit animal. A creation from the mind of author Jim Butcher- Harry is a wizard. He lives in Chicago, solves crimes as a PI, and fights the forces of evil. Unfortunately, I am not a wizard (not in reality anyway). But, Harry's magical abilities are not why he is my spirit animal. The reasons are: that he is very insecure at times, overly confident in others, goofy most of the time, and scary when he has to be. He is someone I strive to be like.

He makes friends and influences people everywhere he goes; he also angers the things that go bump in the night (usually with a smile).

He also has a way with words of inspiration: "We still hadn't learned, though, that growing up is all about getting hurt. And then getting over it. You hurt. You recover. You move on. Odds are pretty good you're just going to get hurt again. But each time, you learn something. Each time, you come out of it a little stronger, and at some point, you realize that there are more flavors of pain than coffee."

Harry Dresden lives his life as best he can; he messes up, learns, then moves on. He may be magical, but he is very real in how he maneuvers life. He is a fall down, but then pick-yourself-up kind of guy, and I appreciate that about him.

Butcher, J. (2008). Chapter 31. In White Night (Vol. 9, Ser. The Dresden Files, pp. 282–282). essay, Roc.

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