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My Favorite Resources to Fight Writer's Block

Everyone who has ever tried putting pen to paper has at some point hit that dreaded mental cinder block called writer's block. At least if you're human you have. Androids, aliens, gods, geniuses, and any other life form that seems to be perfect in every way all the time can just go away with their perfect perfectness because they give me hives. Anyway, my point is everyone experiences writer's block. I personally have had writer's block all damn week. All. Damn. Week. Well, longer than that, but who's counting?.....Me. That's who's counting.

When writer's block hits I tend to rely on these resources. If you struggle sometimes too, they might be worth looking into.

Writing prompts:

I love writing prompts. They give you a starting point. I usually set a timer for 10 - 15 minutes and find a random prompt. Sometimes something awesome comes out of it, other times it's random words that make little sense even to me. But the point is, it was a starting point. It's a good exercise that makes all the creative wheels start turning. Writing prompts are like WD-40 for mental hitches and squeaks.

These are my favorite resources for writing prompts: This site is great. It has dialogue, setting, and character prompts along with other great story features to get you started. It's also completely free.

Books by Bryn Donovan: Bryn Donovan is a successful author of many fiction and non-fiction books. I stumbled upon her books while avoiding confronting my writer's block and decided to get these two gems.

5,000 Writing Prompts - Gives you exactly what the title says. It has 5,000 different ideas to get creativity started. It consists of prompts by genre, classic plots, character prompts, setting prompts, title prompts, dialogue prompts, and prompts based on sight and sound, among others.

Master Lists for Writers - This book provides you with lists of ways to describe something, setting, emotion facial expression, etc. Plots, dialogue, character types, and even lists of names from different time periods and cultures.

Writing Prompts for the Creatively Insane: This book is a fun prompt journal with authors listed as Writing Prompts and Surreylass Prompts. It has some great prompts This is actually responsible for my "Don't Trust the Donkeys" story. So...if you liked that story, you're welcome or if you didn't, you can blame this book. Whichever applies to you.

Mythology, Lore, and Cryptids:

Mythology, lore, and tales of Mythical Creatures, is a great source I turn to for many of my stories. None of them are published yet, but working on it. I love this kind of stuff. When I need inspiration I dig into my many mythology resources and find something I can use or twist in a fun way.


Reading up on historical events sometimes lead me down a twisted path of creativity. You never know when something from way back when will spark an idea. Hell, I've even combined history with mythology a few times just for fun.

Well, that concludes my random ramble on fighting writer's block. Thanks for stopping by, and happy writing, or reading. Whatever floats your boat.

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