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Nobody - Hey it's Bob!.... Wait....Bob?

Me watching the trailer to Nobody: Hey it's Bob!.... Wait...Bob?...Bob!!!

This was literally my reaction after seeing the trailer to Bob Odenkirk's new film Nobody. Bob Odenkirk is the man, and I decided right then and there that I wanted to see it. For obvious reasons, I have not been to a cinema for over a year, and Nobody marked my return.

For anyone who has ever watched Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, season one of Fargo, or anything with Mr. Odenkirk, is familiar with the fact that he's awesome. Nobody is no exception. Directed by Ilya Naishur, and screenplay by Derek Kolstad, Nobody is a fun, action-packed movie about an "auditor" who walked away from the business for family life. He hides behind the facade of a quiet suburban nobody with a daily routine of late for garbage day, coffee, bus, work then home.

Then his house is broken into. He lets them go without trying to damage them and is considered a coward because of it. He lets it go until his sweet little girl says "They stole my kitty cat bracelet." Everything from there leads to a bus fight, which escalates into a violent confrontation with the Russian mob. Mr. Odenkirk was not someone I ever saw as an action hero, but because he's Bob, he nailed it. He was badass, scary, and funny all at the same time. It was a great movie. Anyone who loves action and Bob Odenkirk, this film is totally worth it.

Also, on the off chance, you need more incentive, Christoper Lloyd and shotguns...Nuf said.

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