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Once Upon a Fang in the West - A Review

An old west town with an old west saloon filled with old west people, protected by an old west sheriff. Add in a ghost, vampires that eat people, and a monster that eats vampires and you have a fun entertaining read by John Dover.

Ruby, a lady of the night at the Braided Pony Saloon sees a man who catches her fancy. He's tall, good-looking, a predator, and he just killed three vampires right there in the saloon. The people of Thrall were momentarily impressed but went back to drinking almost immediately. Tells you what kind of a town Thrall is. Ruby gets her man. In more ways than one.

Sheriff William, a man literally haunted by his past, now has to explain the corpse in Ruby's room. He gets his explanation from Samuel, a sadistic vampire with his own agenda.

Lots of blood, death, and mayhem ensue. It's a fun entertaining ride from the town of Thrall to a mining town and back to Thrall. It all leads up to an awesome, bloody, final stand at the Braided Pony Saloon.

Mr. Dover's writing style is fantastically straightforward and to the point. He doesn't fill the chapters with anything unnecessary. Every word was written for the sole purpose of moving the story along. He is one of those authors that can fit a great story into as few words as possible and still paint a vivid picture.

Once Upon a Fang in the West is a recommended read for anyone who likes horror and mayhem mixed with some humor.

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