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Ramblings on Horrible Histories

I'll admit it I found history boring when I was young. I remember sitting listening to the history of Christopher Columbus for the umpteenth hundred times and trying to care. Or at least pretending I was trying to care. Turns out, it was only boring because I wasn't learning the most interesting parts of history. That was until the BBC's Horrible Histories graced my TV (thank you Amazon Prime). The endlessly talented writers and cast made history interesting and fun. I know, what you're thinking, what's a 34-year-old doing watching a children's educational TV show? I'll give you nine reasons in no particular order: 1: Horrible Histories is awesome, 2: Jim Howick, 3: Simon Farnaby, 4: Ben Wilbond, 5: Lawrence Rickard, 6: Martha Howe-Douglas, 7: Matthew Baynton, 8: I do what I want, and 9: don't judge me with your judgy-ness, it makes you look funny. Just kidding, you can judge if you want but know it won't stop me from busting out the Crassus Rap at random. For those of you just joining the conversation, the Crassus Rap is a rap inspired by the richest ancient Roman geezer, Marcus Licinius Crassus, brilliantly performed by Mr. Simon Farnaby. Check it out here. Just one of the many Savage Songs from the show. Not ashamed to say I know the words to most of them.

I also found out the show was based on a series of books by Terry Deary. Of course, I have to read those. I started reading the Horrible Histories Handbook: The Horrible History of the World. It's full of so many fun, disturbing, crazy, historical facts that very few people know that I feel prepared to be a "mountain of knowledge."- Archimedes The Sword and The Stone.

Not really, Archimedes would be ashamed of how little I actually know about anything. But he'd be glad I was reading to fix that.

Well, that's it for me. Thanks for tuning into my first random ramblings.

Side ramble: The same people from Horrible Histories are also responsible for the movie Bill, and the shows Yonderland and Ghosts, all of which are amazing. Safe to say I'm a fan and I support everything any of them ever want to do. No questions asked. Well, maybe a few questions, but only because I care.

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