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Revisiting Childhood Favorites...

With the recent uproar over Dr. Suess, I've been thinking about all the stories I grew up with. Dr. Suess was obviously a big part of my bookshelf and still is. But looking at my shelf it is also full of so many other stories I loved as a kid. So come on an adventure with me through the Ghosts of Bedtime Stories Past.

I've been obsessed with stories since I was young. I read pretty much every Thornton W. Burgess book on the shelf at the library. I loved Reddy Fox, Lightfoot the Deer, and Old Man Coyote. Then, after a few years of reading all those, I advanced up to Brian Jaques' Redwall series. Still animal stories, but these animals had weapons and mad fighting skills (looking at you Martin the Warrior).

I also branched out into Paul Zindel's books. I'm talking about stories like The Doom Stone, Loch, and Reef of Death. Consisting of monsters ranging from the loch ness monster to a cursed mummy, these were so graphic and violent it was a wonder to me how they were classified as young adult books. But, they were awesome and I have no regrets about adding them to my shelf.

At the same time as my Zindel obsession, I was reading Mary Downing Hahn's ghost stories. My favorite being Wait Till Helen Comes, a ghost story about a little girl who drowns in a lake and has now set her sights on another little girl so she can have a friend. That book is so well used I should consider getting a new copy.

These are not the only books I read as a young reader, but they are the ones that I reread a few times and bought for my personal collection.

I do believe I will be rereading some of these just for kicks. Now that I'm feeling all nostalgic and stuff. So, with that, I bid you adieu. I have reading to do.

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