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Seven Deadly Sins


"There is no reason to fear."

She whispers in his ear.

A woman unseen by all

A voice-only heard by the evil standing tall.

"You are the greatest that ever will be,

The rest are fleas"

He hears the words and his ego swells,

Stroking his violet tie, replies, "Pray tell."

"None will ever match you,

no matter what they do."

"They should worship you.

They will worship you."

He asks, "What if they will not?"

She says, "It matters not."

He nods his head, his decision made,

He turns to the launch button, "They will fade."


"I want it..." she says out loud in the corridor.

"Of course you do," He said whispering in her ear.

"And why wouldn't you?"

"I want it all." She whispers.

"It will be yours. If you take it." The voice urges.

"What if they resist?" she asked.

"Then you destroy them.

Why should you not have all that you want?"

She nods. Her decision made.

She walks towards the alter.

She stands next to the feeble old man.

His yellow jaundiced skin almost matching her wedding dress.

She said the vows,

Promised to be his.

His children. all older than her, watch with hate.

She is not concerned.

The old man will not survive the year.

And if his children deny her claim to his empire when he is gone...

Then they will not survive either...

No one will stand between her and what she wants.


"Green is a lovely color on you."

The voice whispered so only she could hear.

"I'm not wearing green." She replied

Watching the dance floor move in a swirl of color.

"Yes you are," the voice countered,

"You just can't see it...But I can.

You want him...but he's hers.

He has no interest in you..."

"He should be mine." She said.

"He will be mine."

"How?" The voice asked, a smile in his voice.

"What will you do?" Excitement lacing the words.

She thought for a second then nodded.

Her decision made.

"She will die. And if he is not mine will he."


"Do you love her?" The unseen woman asked.

Her voice a whisper only he could hear.

"Of course not." He replied.

"I want her, there is a difference."

"Yes, there is," she conceded.

"She's married, Does that matter to you?" she asked.

Watching his target across the room in her blue dress, his decision made, he says,

"No, it does not."

It will happen

But not out of love.

Just because he wants.

Just because he can.


"Do I have too?" He asked adjusting his light blue tie.

"Not if you don't want too."

The Whisper said. "It will make things difficult for you if you do.

Better to stay out of his way. No reason for you to work to hard for something so small."

"If I don't, many will die. It will all fall apart." He replied.

Stretching his arms above his head as he yawned.

"So." The whisper responded,

"Isn't it more important you get some rest and don't worry so much?

Aren't you tired?"

"Yes," he answered.

"Then who cares?" The voice said a smile on the words.

He took a moment to think. Then he nodded.

His decision made.

"Let them burn, I'm going home."


"More!" He demanded

Shoveling food into his mouth.

The waiters moved about bringing tray after tray,

Various dishes of various flavors,

His hands stained orange from sauce.

The maitre d' wished he would leave,

He had been there for hours.

The waiters wanted him to leave,

After all, he could not still be hungry.

But the man continued to shovel food.

His decision made hours ago,

When the voice had whispered,

"You want more, don't you? You deserve more.

It's delicious. You are larger than life,

And you like it. You like food,

And you like the waiters and waitresses serving your every need.

Where else will you get this kind of service and respect?"

The man continued to eat.


Sitting in the darkest corner of the restaurant,

She stared at the list of names.

Her vision had gone red with hate,

Her heart is full of vengeance.

The voice that used to whisper to her had fallen silent a long time ago.

Realizing she had made her decision without him long before he spoke to her.

The list of names made her angry.

She would see them destroyed.

The man who had destroyed her home,

Who laughed as it fell.

She would strangle him with his beloved violet tie.

The man who stood by and did nothing to stop it.

Far easier for him to adjust his own light blue tie and let her home and people burn.

He could have stopped it. He didn't.

The woman dressed all in yellow, who married her grandfather.

She wanted it all, and she got it.

Then she used it, got bored, and then destroyed it.

The man who had attacked her when she said no.

Not because he loved her,

But because he liked what he saw wrapped in a blue dress.

And the final name on the list.

The woman who glowed green in the dance lights.

She had left her for dead, all because she wanted the man who chose another.

Then she killed him when he still said no.

Her rage at all that was done, and at those responsible.

She will destroy them all.

Her concentration is suddenly broken, by a shattering of dishes hitting the floor.

A waitress is in tears as she stoops to clean the mess.

A grotesque man, who had been eating for hours sneers at the girl.

"Stupid bitch. Get me a fresh tray."

The lone woman in the corner stared at the fat man with dirty orange fingers.

"He will be good practice." She said to herself.

"I should learn his name. Properly add him to my agenda."

She nodded and glanced at her list again.

The people on it took her world apart.

Took away everything she cared for.

Tried to destroy her.

Her rage will spread like wildfire.

Engulfing them all, one by one.

Starting with the grotesque blob of man-flesh at the other table,

Just for being irritating.

Everything will end.

She will watch them all burn,

Just as they had done to her.

She will watch it all burn.

She will smile when they beg for mercy,

And she will laugh when they realize she has none.

* Just an FYI, this was originally published on my Wattpad page.*

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