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Tales From the Braided Pony

Tales From the Braided Pony, by Alucard Press, is a collection of disturbingly violent horror short stories set in the Wild West. A saloon called The Braided Pony is the only thing that links these scary stories together. For anyone who loves vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, and anything else that makes you hide under the bed, this is a great collection.

Every story sees a monster, curse, or both, mess with the lives of The Braided Pony patrons and the surrounding areas. The very first story has an epic vampire fight and a graphic twist ending. All of the other tales follow this pattern. It's a unique collection any horror fan would appreciate.

One warning (unless it was just my copy), there are a few editing issues, but nothing that can't be ignored provided you're the type that can ignore that kind of thing. But if grammar typos make you want to turn into a vicious grammar demon and rain down grammar judgment and pain, I would recommend that you put the book down and walk away. Otherwise, have fun!

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