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The Bad Guys

The Bad Guys is a series by Aaron Blabey. It is probably one of the greatest series of children's books I've read. I know, I know, the target audience is kids and not strange 30 somethings. But, it still made me laugh. The pictures alone are hilarious. Paired with Blabey's sarcastic, clever humor, the stories make for a fun chunk in the day.

The series follows the Good Guy's Club. Members include The Big Bad Wolf, Mr. Shark, Mr. Snake, and Mr. Pirhana. Mr. Wolf wants to prove he and his friends are not bad guys, they're just good guys with bad reputations who are misunderstood. They do good deeds, but they are very bad at it.

They have some pretty great adventures in their quest to be good guys. They save and terrify cats stuck in trees, they rescue dogs from the pound, they rescue chickens by dodging lasers, and they face off with Zombie Kittens, or Zittens, released by a maniacal guinea pig. All that happens in the first four books.

They meet friends along the way like Legs the technical support tarantula and a highly trained operative named Agent Fox. They also discover hidden strengths and talents, like Mr. Shark discovering a talent for disguises. He makes a pretty convincing young lady that makes grown gorillas swoon apparently. He's also a pretty convincing dolphin when he wants to be.

This series is fun entertainment. It will make anyone laugh. Parents can enjoy them just as much as their kids, and strange thirty-somethings, or whatever age can find something to enjoy.

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