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The End is Nigh

The world has ended. No one saw it coming. Well, that’s not true, some people saw it coming, but they were the “crazies” with the cardboard signs around their necks. “The End is Nigh!” is what the signs usually read. Such a simple phrase, and so easily ignored by those who can only see the worn boots, and dirty beards matted on the faces of the soothsayers. Ah well, they were right, everyone else was wrong. Now the world as we know it is over. Now it’s a world that society has no control over. It’s a world where someone can try and steal someone’s supplies and get his head bashed in repeatedly for the effort. 

 These thoughts and more raced through her mind as she smashed his head into the giant cinder block. Remnants of a long destroyed building, now slick with blood. She could have stopped, but she didn’t see the point. If she stopped too soon, he might live. And that will simply not do. If he lives, he’ll just recover and try again to someone else. And that also will not do. Better just to solve the problem now. Better to just read the signs of the new world and pay attention. Like we should have done before. “The End is Nigh!” We all should have paid better attention. 

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