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The Equalizer 3 - A Review

The Equalizer 3 was released last week! (Squeal!!) Okay, I’m done. I’m a fan of The Equalizer movies. For me, Robert McCall is right up there with John Wick. He has a different style in terms of how he deals with a threat, but it’s just as awesome.

Whereas John Wick will confidently stride in, announce his presence then shoot everyone as quickly and as efficiently as possible, Robert McCall will silently come from the shadows, and make everyone suffer. And they will suffer slowly. He will destroy them, then stare them down as the life leaves their eyes, leaving no doubt in their mind who ended them.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Denzel Washington, The Equalizer 3 brings back the Robert McCall. McCall no longer works for the government, but he still uses his skills for good. He deals out his own brand of justice on those that threaten the livelihoods of good people. After an injury, McCall finds himself in Italy. It’s a small town filled with accepting and kind people. However, this quiet town has a mafia problem and McCall doesn’t appreciate how they do business with his new friends.

Mr. Washington delivers an amazing performance as McCall. The way he plays McCall, on the one hand, makes him one of those guys you just want to be friends with. Then the other boot drops and he’s suddenly a ghost on a mission that gives bad guys nightmares.

The lighting involved a lot of shadows and it fit the whole vibe. It was bright and sunny in Italy when McCall was happy, but when he did his thing an ominous dark boogeyman vibe set the stage for fear and death.

Miss Dakota Fanning also graces us with her presence as a finance agent on her first field mission. Seeing her as an adult with Mr. Washington makes anyone who’s ever seen Man on Fire feel old, but she holds her own and does a good job playing opposite Mr. Washington.

Overall, The Equalizer 3 was awesome. It holds up nicely with the other two films.

Side note:

I can’t help but wonder who would win in a fight, John Wick or Robert McCall?

The answer is neither. They would maybe fight each other when they believed they were enemies, but then they would realize they should be killing bad guys together. Then the bad guys cry.

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