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The Only Good Indians - A Review

The Only Good Indians, by Stephen Graham Jones, tells the story of four men and how a hunting trip comes back to haunt them. Literally.

Ricky, Gabe, Lewis, and Cassidy made a mistake ten years ago. They shot some elk they shouldn't have shot in a place they shouldn't have been. Now that mistake has invaded their lives, and it is out for blood. And not just their blood, but their families as well.

Mr. Jones has a way with words. He makes you cringe and say "Ah! Jeezus!" in this unsettling horror story about revenge.

These men and their families have to battle demons of all kinds as they are hunted by a spirit set on making them suffer.

If you like bloody horror, Mr. Jones delivers in a unique, thrilling, and satisfying way. It's well worth the read for any horror fan.

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