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Why I Write.....

Why do I write? Good question. It’s one I ask myself every time I slam my head repeatedly into my desk as I’m trying to think of something to write. 

“Why do you bother?” I ask myself, my head sore from the violent attempts at inspiration.

I’ve encountered writers, either online or in person, who think writing should be pain. Should mean something. Should change the world!


Yeah, that’s too much pressure for me.

Turns out I’m not that deep. Turns out, I write just because I like to. And on the days I accept that and I don’t overthink my purpose as a writer, I am the most creative. 

Granted, my writing is not profound by any stretch of the imagination. But, it makes me happy. And that should be enough.

So I write for purely selfish reasons. I don’t need it to be influential, inspiring, or change the world. My writing means something to me, and if I ever get an audience, maybe it will mean something to them too. But if not, that’s ok. I'm still going to write. 

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