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My Favorite K-Drama Zombie Shows on Netflix - They Don't Mess Around

Like a lot of the world, I have finally jumped on the KDrama bandwagon. I've watched many movies and TV shows from Korea, and couldn't help but notice they are all good. Seriously, how is it a KDrama can have every genre imaginable, i.e. drama, comedy, action, suspense, mystery, fantasy, etc, in one show and make it work, *cough* Hotel Del Luna *cough*.

Something else I've noticed is that the zombies from Korea are no joke. I love zombie stories, so naturally, I've watched quite a few. I have yet to see a shambling slow walker that you can circle twenty times at a slow walk before bashing its mushy head in with a shoe. No, that would be too easy. Instead, you'll get fast ferocious monsters that no amount of cardio will save you from for long. Allow me to present my evidence.


Train to Busan (2016)

A father and his daughter are caught on a crowded train when a zombie outbreak occurs. The zombies run. Fast. But, you do immediately know who to follow based on survival skills.

Gong Yoo is always awesome, but Don Lee was my instant favorite. He was that guy that would inspire all smart people to say, "I'm going with him."

Case in Point:


#Alive (2020)

More really fast zombies. A young man gets caught in his apartment building as an outbreak spreads over the city.


Sweet Home (2020)

Ok, arguably more monsters than zombies, but the idea of an outbreak that changes people in a way that makes them crave human num nums is along the same lines. These monsters are big, mean, and scary as hell.


All of Us Are Dead (2022)

The most recent zombie TV show to grace Netflix accounts everywhere sets the zombie apocalypse in a high school. Again, these zombies do not mess around They are fast and ruthless.


The Kingdom (2019)

I haven't watched this one yet, but it is definitely on my list, and judging by the trailer, the characters better be fast, or the faster zombies get a treat.


I'm a fan of most zombie stories, so I am not taking anything away from our favorite walkers, but unlike the majority of the zombies that have hailed from the U.S. the zombies from Korea are meaner, faster, scarier, more alert, and do not mess around. They also always creep you out and cause you sympathy pain with all the bone-cracking that happens when they turn.

I have always been fairly confident I would survive for at least a little while if the zombie apocalypse involved mushy, smelly shamblers. Korean zombies have destroyed that confidence. If the zombie apocalypse unfolds as it does in Korea, I would die. Without a doubt. I would have time to go, "S*#t." and then I would be eaten. But, c'est la vie.

Zombies are awesome. Just sayin'.

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